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Located in southwest Wisconsin, in an area that is rooted in the agriculture industry, Driftless Wisconsin is naturally a wonderful region to explore agri-tourism with access to a variety of experiences. Given all the locations for discovering agri-tourism in Driftless Wisconsin, it is best for travelers to follow a two day itinerary that will give them enough time to visit each destination and take in everything there is to see and do. A weekend exploring agri-tourism in the Driftless allows visitors to learn more about the area and support local farmers and agriculture businesses in the area.

The best way to explore the agri-tourism of the region is to pick a place to stay for a night and venture out from there. Farm visits to farm stays to farmer’s markets, this two day Driftless Agri-tourism itinerary will cover all the bases and features plenty of interesting, exciting, and educational attractions. If you are planning on staying overnight in the area, the itinerary will highlight a farm bed and breakfast where you can stay during your visit. Travelers can look forward to days full of farm tours, workshops, events, festivals, and more.

Day 1

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Start your two-day agri-tourism vacation in Viroqua, Wisconsin, a small Driftless town with a lively downtown district that has been named to the Wisconsin and National Register of Historic Places. The first agri-tourism stop of the day will be at B&E’s Trees, but Viroqua is a great place to grab breakfast to prepare for a day of driving and walking. The Viroqua Food Co+op, Maybe Lately’s, and Wonderstate Cafe are three great local places in downtown Viroqua where you can grab a coffee and a quick bite to eat before heading out. If you get into town early, you may have some extra time before heading to your first scheduled agri-tourism tour. One way to fill this time is at the local Driftless Wisconsin farmers markets. Some great options include the Ferryville Farmers Market, the Gays Mills Farmers Market, and the Prairie Street Farmers Market.

After breakfast, you’ll hit the road for a scenic 22 minute drive to the first destination, B & E’s Trees, which is located outside of Cashton, WI. B & E’s Trees is an off-grid Wisconsin farm where pure, organic maple syrup is crafted, aged, and then sent off to be enjoyed by folks all around Driftless Wisconsin. Upon scheduling a tour before your visit, the small team at B & E’s will give you a tour of the farm, explain their partnership with Central Waters Brewing Co. and their process of making pure, barrel aged, organic maple syrup. Travelers should be sure to wear clothes and shoes they don’t mind getting dirty, and it’s important to note the farm facilities are rustic and the tour travels through steep and hilly areas.

The tour time can vary based on the number of questions asked by the group and the weather conditions. But with the travel time and depending on when you arrive at the farm in the morning, once the tour is finished at B & E’s Trees you should be ready to head to the next destination around noon. At this point in the day, travelers should consider stopping for lunch before the next farm visit. Westby has some great places for lunch including Borgen’s Cafe.

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After lunch, travelers will want to head back on the road again to the next agri-tourism stop, Wehling Farms & Country Store in Westby, WI. If you’re coming from B and E’s, turn right onto Lars Hill Road and head southwest to Country Road P. Here you’ll turn onto Lovas Hill Road and follow your GPS or directions to the farm. If you’re coming from Westby, you’ll travel northwest on Highway 14 before turning right on Lovas Hill Road. Upon arrival, visitors should be ready to explore the farm by foot, have a glimpse into life on the farm, and even take home meat, farm fresh eggs, local cheese, and crafts.

At Wehling Farms & Country Store travelers will learn about Farmer Danika’s how and why for getting into farming, the rules of being a certified organic farm, their venture of custom raising heifers, their store, and hear some funny farm stories. The tours are great for farmers or non-farmers of any age and can last over an hour long depending on the number of questions from the group. Visitors to the farm who also plan on shopping at the country store can explore the farm without a tour fee, and have a personal tour if Farmer Danika is available at that time. If you would like to guarantee a guided farm tour, call ahead and book a private tour for your group between 10:30 am and 4:30 pm on Mondays through Thursdays.

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As late afternoon and evening approach, you should plan on heading back to the place you are staying for the night and considering dinner options for the night. For travelers to Driftless Wisconsin who are exploring agri-tourism, Hidden Springs Creamery in Westby offers a great farm bed and breakfast stay. Staying at the Hidden Springs Creamery Bed and Breakfast is a great way to experience country life and take in the natural beauty of Driftless Wisconsin farmlands. If you get back in the late afternoon, the owners Brenda and Dean will give you a full farm tour where you’ll learn what all goes into sustainable farming and truly farm-to-table products. Otherwise, you can also go on your tour of Hidden Springs the following morning before you leave for another day of agri-tourism destinations.

The Bed and Breakfast features its own bathroom, a small kitchen, and a back porch that overlooks the farm pastures. It’s a great place for you to unwind, relax and take in the natural beauty, before getting a good night of sleep to recharge you for the following day. If you’re not quite ready to call it a day, the area has wineries and breweries nearby where you can relax and take in the scenery of the area over the drink of your choice.


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After your stay at Hidden Springs Creamery, you’ll want to get an early start for your second day of exploring agri-tourism in Driftless Wisconsin. The next and final stop on the itinerary is Driftless Curiosity in Viola, Wisconsin, a 200 acre organic farm with unique farm experiences for all who visit. The drive from Hidden Springs Creamery to Driftless Curiosity will take about half an hour, but if you plan on stopping somewhere along the way for breakfast you’ll want to plan accordingly. This can also be another time to visit the nearby farmers markets if you didn’t have time to on the first day. This can also be another time to visit the nearby farmers markets if you didn’t have time to on the first day. We recommend you eat a hearty breakfast to prepare you for a full day of activities and events at Driftless Curiosity.

Being a unique agri-tourism destination in Driftless Wisconsin, you may want plenty of time to explore Driftless Curiosity on your final day, especially if you’re traveling with kids. You can participate in workshops, events, and various learning opportunities focused on farming, social justice, the arts, and experimental education. As you are planning your trip, you may want to check the Driftless Curiosity workshop and event schedule first and plan your trip dates around the schedule and purchase tickets if you wish to partake in an activity.

Many of the events and workshops will start around 10am and run until 4pm, which is why you may spend the entire second day of your agri-tourism trip at Driftless Curiosity. The workshops and events are separated by season and include but are not limited to Beekeeping 101, Maple Syrup Workshop, Herbal Wildcrafting, Food Preservation Workshop, and Traditional Mexican Weaving.

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Driftless WisconsinThere is simply no better place to explore, by car, by bike, or by boat. The scenery when you explore the Driftless Wisconsin Area is unmatched. The history is fascinating. The people and communities are diverse. Around every bend of the road, every twist of the river, something interesting awaits.

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