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The great diversity of the Driftless Wisconsin area means something to suit the taste of every visitor. You can simply enjoy the peace and beauty of the countryside with a good book, a cup of coffee from a local roaster, or a glass of wine from a local vineyard.


Organic Valley Family of Farms

We think it’s a simple truth: The earth’s most delicious, most healthful foods are made when farmers work in harmony with nature. That’s how this farmer-owned co-op produces organic milk, organic cheese, organic butter, organic eggs, organic juice, organic soy milk, organic produce, and organic meats.

Organic Valley Family of Farms
CROPP Cooperative
One Organic Way
LaFarge, WI 54639
Email: organic@organicvalley.coop

Website: www.organicvalley.coop


Sponsor Level:

Coon Valley Business Association
PO Box 129
Coon Valley, WI 54623
Website: http://www.villageofcoonvalley.com/coonvalleybusinessdirectory1


City of Viroqua – Tourism Committee
202 N. Main Street
Viroqua, WI 54665
Website: http://viroqua-wisconsin.com/


City of Westby
200 N. Main Street
Westby, WI 54667
Website: http://www.westbywi.com/


Westby Electric & Water UtilityWestby logo
200 N. Main Street
Westby, WI 54667
Website: https://www.cityofwestby.org/electric-department


Supporter Level:

Village of Cashton
811 Main Street, PO Box 188
Cashton, WI 54619
Website: http://www.cashton.com/


Village of Ferryville
PO Box 236
Ferryville, WI 54628
website: http://visitferryville.com/


Village of Gays Mills
16381 State Hwy 131
Gays Mills, WI 54631
Website: http://gaysmillswi.com/


City of Hillsboro
PO Box 447
Hillsboro, WI 54634
Website: http://www.hillsborowi.com/


Village of La Farge
105 W. Main Street
La Farge, WI 54639
Website: http://www.lafarge-wisconsin.com/


Village of Norwalk
PO Box 230
Norwalk, WI 54648
Website: http://www.villageofnorwalk.com/


Village of Ontario
PO Box 66
Ontario, WI 54651
Website: http://ontariowi.com/


Village of Soldiers Grove
102 Passive Sun Drive
Soldiers Grove, WI 54655
Website: http://soldiersgrove.com/


Village of Wauzeka
PO Box 344
Wauzeka, WI 53826
Phone: 608-875-5281


WCCU Credit Union
501 N. Main Street
Westby, WI 54667
Website: https://www.wccucreditunion.coop/

Ferryville overlook
Carrying a kayak

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