Driftless Area Restaurants

The supper clubs and neighborhood pubs characteristic of rural life still exist and thrive here.
If you want a Friday night fish fry or Saturday night prime rib, you have your choice of places among Driftless area restaurants.

Taste the Locally Grown & Raised Goodness at Driftless Area Restaurants

Restaurants have seen the concentration of organic farms and the proliferation of farmer’s markets in the Driftless area aid the emphasis on fresh, local offerings: grass-fed beef and lamb, heirloom organic vegetables, and the freshest of flavors.

Local ingredients and dining options are popular, but there’s also a world of international choices among Driftless dining where ethnic food is also on the menu: Scandinavian of course, but also Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Explore Wisconsin’s Driftless Area Restaurants

Whatever your taste or budget, the following dining establishments will give you the true flavors of the regional cuisine in the Driftless area of Wisconsin. Explore our region’s culinary offering of elevated bar food, gourmet cafes, family restaurants and much more.

catching trout
The Dousman House

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