Things to Do in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin

Whatever your interests, you’ll find many diverse things to do in the Driftless area of Wisconsin. The region offers a unique mix of arts, culture, entertainment, events, historic sites, outdoor recreation and shopping.

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Click on each interest to learn more about the things you can enjoy in Wisonsin’s Driftless region or read on for more information.

More Information About Things to Do in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin

The activities found across Wisconsin’s Driftless Area are both broad in appeal and deep in choices within each type of interest.

Arts & Culture

Hundreds of artists and artisans have made the Driftless region of Wisconsin their home and the reason are as sound and they are simple: inspiration is easily drawn from its beauty and it offers a peaceful place to work on creating, wiring and crafting. From the local artist cooperative on Virquoa’s Main Street, to Prairie du Chien’s Mississippi River Sculpture Park, regional events, and local galleries, theaters, music and farmers markets, there’s a lifetime of arts discovery here.

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The Driftless region of Wisconsin is home to several scenic and challenging nine and eighteen hole golf courses. Amusement and water parks offer a variety of fun activities for the whole family. River cruises are a great way to get to know our waterways and the flora and fauna that are sustained by them.

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Historic Attractions

Historic sites abound in Crawford County, the Kickapoo Valley and Vernon County. Learn the history of Mound Builders and Native Americans, explorers and fur traders, immigrant settlers and pioneers and see how their cultures continue to have resonance today through historical reenactments and events.

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Outdoor Activities

The Driftless Area of Wisconsin offers year round opportunities for recreation in the great outdoors. Ephemerals and bird migrations are a mainstay of spring. Summer canoeing, camping, mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, backwater fishing and farmers markets rejuvenates visitors and locals alike. Fall colors, orchard and vineyard harvests and hunting are all popular in the fall. Winter cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice cave exploration, snowmobiling and ice fishing are ready-made for hardy souls.

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Forget the malls and outlets. Driftless Wisconsin shopping is all about intriguing small shops and unique products. You can shop to your heart’s content for arts &amp crafts, fair-trade goods, antiques, Amish & Norwegian products, outfitter equipment, local food & wine, and much, much more.

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Need help planning your activities in the Driftless region of Wisconsin? We’ve put together day trip plans for interests such as shopping, Crawford County, Vernon County and history.

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