Wauzeka, Wisconsin

The Kickapoo River ends as it pours into the Wisconsin River at Wauzeka. Here too, is a chance for great paddling, with two liveries proving kayaks or canoes. Explore the Wauzeka Bottoms State Natural Area, part of the Lower Wisconsin Waterway, a mature floodplain forest with great birding opportunities. Or visit the Kickapoo River Wildlife Area over 5,500 acres and an important stop for migrating birds.

A short distance from town is the Kickapoo Indian Caverns. Carved by underground rivers and used as shelter for centuries by Native Americans, the ancient caverns glisten with onyx and tower up to sixty feet high, some the largest stalactite chambers of their kind. The caverns are owned by Mississippi Valley Conservancy and are open only for special education programs, but the surrounding area can be used for hiking, snowshoeing and picnicking.

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