Coon Valley

Coon Valley, Wisconsin

Coon Valley is a conservation success story. In 1933, the Soil Conservation Service selected the Coon Creek watershed for the very first project designed to combat the effects of erosion. In those days, the hillsides were intensively farmed and tons of topsoil ended up in the creek. The watershed project promoted contour farming; the project was successful and soon people came from many miles to see it. Water quality improved and land became increasingly productive. Today anglers take advantage of the many public access points to pristine Class 1 trout streams.

Wooded ridges, towering up to 500 feet, surround this pleasant, secluded valley village. Settled almost entirely by Norwegians in the 1850s, the town was originally known as Helgedalen, but changed it’s name because of the prevalence of those small masked bandits that so readily raid the sweet corn patch.

For further information, contact the Village Clerk—(608) 452-3168

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