When craving the solace of the outdoors, with enough room to breathe and keep a social distance, the Driftless can offer you the outdoor fun you love with the space you need. Be sure to check ahead to see if the outfitters have canoe rentals available.

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The Kickapoo and Wisconsin Rivers

The Kickapoo River Valley, one of the oldest river systems in the world, is full of forested hills, lush valleys, and sandstone cliffs surrounding the longest tributary of the Wisconsin River. At 125 miles, the Kickapoo River is best experienced in a canoe, as the winding river will give you great views of the river valley as it twists and turns in every direction. From its source in Wilton, until it converges with the Wisconsin River in Wauzeka, the Kickapoo carves its way through many Driftless cities and towns along the way, some of which are home to outfitters to help you get out on the water. The Wisconsin River is also a primary Driftless Region waterway enjoyed by many year round. Consisting of 92 miles of the Wisconsin River, The Lower Wisconsin River flows from the dam at Prairie du Sac to its confluence with the Mississippi River and is a mecca of sorts for canoeing and angling. Sandbar camping while canoeing is a particularly popular Wisconsin River activity during the warmer months.

Where to begin? To get started canoeing on the Kickapoo or Wisconsin River, you’ll have to pick an outfitter to rent equipment if you don’t have your own gear. Some options include Titanic Canoe Rental, Drifty’s Canoe Rental, and a few others.

The Kickapoo River / The Wisconsin River

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Titanic Canoe Rental

Based out of Ontario, Wisconsin, Titanic Canoe Rental is a great outfitter to get you set up for a hassle and worry free day of canoeing, kayaking, or tubing along a premier section of the Kickapoo River. Nestled in the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, Ontario is a popular place to launch with beautiful moss covered sandstone cliffs, ferns, and wildflowers that surround the river. Titanic offers full service rentals including equipment, shuttle services, and car spotting services, so you can relax and enjoy your day on the Kickapoo. You also get to choose which landing to end your trip at, so you can determine how long you are on the river and how far you travel.

Where to begin? Visit Titanic Canoe Rental’s website to learn more about their rates and services. Then plan a day to go out on the Kickapoo and make a reservation, so your equipment will be booked and ready to go when you are! 608-337-4551

Titanic Canoe Rental


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Drifty’s Canoe Rental

Drifty’s Canoe Rental is another great canoeing, kayaking, and tubing outfitter out of Ontario. They offer one day trip and two day trip rentals, allowing you to get out on the river for a couple of hours, or camp along the Kickapoo River and be picked up the following day at the landing of your choice. Rental rates depend on your trip and the size of your group, but Drifty’s full services include equipment, car spotting, shuttles, and a pick up service. You don’t have to book a reservation to rent with Drifty’s, but it is recommended in order to be sure your equipment is ready, as many summer days get booked up.

Where to begin? To reserve a date, time, and the correct amount of equipment, call Drifty’s Canoe Rental at 608-337-4288 or 608-487-3379.

Drifty’s Canoe Rental

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Other Canoe Rentals

Being dubbed the Canoe Capital of the Kickapoo and one of the most beautiful areas in the Driftless Region, it is only natural that Ontario is a hub for canoe, kayak, and tube rental outfitters. Two other outfitters that are offering services on the Kickapoo River are Mr. Ducks Canoe Rental and Kickapoo Wild Adventures. Both outfitters offer rental canoes, kayaks and tubes, shuttle services, and car spotting services. Mr. Ducks Canoe Rental also has great options for multiple day camping and canoeing trips and offers campsite rentals at their campground on the Kickapoo. One popular outfitter for river outings on the Wisconsin River is WI River Outings. WI River Outings specializes in multi-day sandbar camping canoeing trips, setting you up with everything you need to have a successful trip down the Wisconsin River.

Where to begin? Visit Mr. Ducks Canoe Rental, Kickapoo Wild Adventures, or WI River Outings websites to learn more about their services and options for trips. From there, you can make an online reservation or call either place for more information.

Mr. Ducks Canoe Rental / Kickapoo Wild Adventures / WI River Outings

Driftless WisconsinThere is simply no better place to explore, by car, by bike, or by boat. The scenery when you explore the Driftless Wisconsin Area is unmatched. The history is fascinating. The people and communities are diverse. Around every bend of the road, every twist of the river, something interesting awaits.

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