Readstown, Wisconsin

Readstown thinks of itself as the “Heart of the Kickapoo Valley” for two excellent reasons: first, it lies close to the midpoint of the valley, and second, village residents pride themselves on their service to others and warm hospitality. The village is located where Highways 61 and 14 meet.

Visitors often use Readstown as their base for exploring the Kickapoo River, and the miles of Class 1 trout streams nearby. Paddlers can rent canoes or kayaks for several hours or can go as far as the Wauzeka National Wildlife Refuge where the Kickapoo meets the Wisconsin River. Readstown offers a choice of lodging from cabins to camping to a motel, and several options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For further information, contact the Readstown Village Clerk—(608) 629-5627, or visit

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