Exploring the Driftless Wisconsin Map

February 22nd, 2011 by

After sharing the prize with her co-conspirator – her dog Rox, looking a little droopy-eared from indigestion – Reese greeted mom at the bathroom door.  Face, fingers, and pajamas plastered in Cheeto dust, Reese gave mom a grin like a prospector who had just struck the mother lode.  We should all be so successful in our adventures.


If you have a bent for discovery, Driftless Wisconsin has ridge tops to climb and mischief to find; just as rewarding as Reese’s venture and perhaps less precarious.  It all starts with the Driftless Wisconsin Map, hot off the press.

The map represents three organizations – the counties of Vernon and Crawford and the Kickapoo Valley Association – that have collaborated to bring you one of the most distinctive experiences in the Midwest.  Unfolding the map presents a three-part tour: the Mississippi River Valley along the western border, the Kickapoo Valley to the east, and the ridge country that joins the two watersheds.

The Great River Road offers the “grand tour” of the great river and all that describes her; the barges that ply the main channel, the backwaters that hold her secrets, and the towns that hold the history of human settlement.

Highway 131 explores the heart of the Kickapoo Valley and a more intimate view of the Driftless topography.  Both river and road wander aimlessly through the valley visiting every bend in the river and each small village on its banks.

Highway 27 explores the uplands between rivers, affording the traveler unparalleled vistas of the river valleys cascading to either side. The towns along the highway enjoy the blend of farm and commerce, where farmers come to town to buy a wrench or a cup of coffee.

You will find the map a great resource on your journey, with icons showing the way to orchards, parks, trails, natural areas, and many other places. Be sure to visit the businesses on the front and back that have generously brought you the map and have much to offer.

Go the Partners page to request a copy of the map from one of our parent organizations.  Use it to plan your trip and explore Driftless Wisconsin.  And like Reese, leave no corner unexplored.